CLARK CO., Ind. (WHAS11) -- A southern Indiana mother took a not guilty plea in court Monday afternoon after spending the weekend in jail. Ericka Fouch was arrested Friday and charged in the deaths of her young children from a car crash in June. Police said Fouch was on drugs during the incident.

Walking down the hall of the Clark County Court House Fouch was in handcuffs and had shackles around her ankles.

She was extremely emotional once in the courtroom, at one point the bailiff even brought tissues over to her, trying to console her.

"Understandably, being in this situation, being in a courtroom under these circumstances, Ericka is certainly upset and she is very distraught and emotional as you would suspect she would be," Niles Driskell, Fouch’s attorney, said.

Police said Fouch was using drugs during the crash. The Clark County Prosecutor filed charges after a toxicology report showed traces of marijuana, Xanax, and meth in her system.

Driskell said, "I understand in a situation like this emotions certainly run high. There's almost always in a case like this a bit of a rush for judgment and I think in the world we live in today everybody wants to try to put blame somewhere."

Driskell asked the court for pre-trial release and suggested his client be monitored electronically from home, and subjected to random drug tests while her case makes its way through the system.

The judge granted that request, as a condition of a $100,000 court-cash bond.