LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Home of the Innocents is looking for their $20,000 tractor believed to be stolen.

The longtime non-profit agency helps kids in crisis. President and CEO of Home of the Innocents, Paul Robinson, said surveillance video from Friday showed four shadows hotwiring the tractor and driving it away.

Robinson told WHAS11 News that he believes it was premeditated.

“They had a reason for coming on campus to get it, they had a reason for taking it, and we hope they change their minds and bring it back to us,” Robinson said.

Robinson told WHAS11 News the campus needs the bright orange Kubota, especially as winter weather approaches.

“We use it a lot during the winter to haul and remove snow and ice, but really year-round we use it to hall heavy equipment and things around campus.”

Home of the Innocents has only had them for two years, a donation from a generous foundation, Robinson said.

“I think what's so sad about it is it took us seven or eight years of need and looking to the community to help us with this and we finally found a foundation that was willing to help us purchase it, and then two years later, to have someone come on campus and then take a piece of equipment, that we used on often to help keep our grounds in good condition for our kids.

Robinson has a message for the tractor thieves.

“We serve over 11,700 children and family members every year, think about that, you're taking away from our ability to help serve those children.”

Robinson said the tractor has been reported stolen, and now he’s leaning on the community to help him find it, or help replace it.

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