LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The city’s famed Dirt Bowl is less than two weeks away and several upgrades have been completed on basketball courts in Shawnee Park.

Officials say upgrades include a new scoreboard, new fiberglass backboards, concrete pads and bleachers.

In its nearly 50-year history, the Dirt Bowl has become a time of celebration and peace.

The creators say that message of peace was important then and now.

“We don’t need any mishaps. We don’t need anyone taking advantage of the opportunity to make mischief. We need to make our parks safe because it’s all about the children. The basketball brings the families together,” Dirt Bowl co-founder Janis Carter said.

Organizers say they’re planning to honor DeQuante Hobbs, the 7-year-old tragically killed by a stray bullet in May.

They told WHAS11 News they will present his family with special jerseys in a ceremony at the beginning of the tournament.