JEFFERSONVILLE, IN. (WHAS11) – A teacher in Jeffersonville is picking up the pieces after a fire, but her biggest treasures weren't money, but memories.

While enjoying a night with her sister Tuesday night Regina Oglesby got a call that her home was on fire.

Oglesby lost everything in the fire, but that didn’t stop this retired teacher from being back in her second home the very next day.

“It was a house, and there was nothing I could do,” said Oglesby. “It was just going to be a half day, so I thought I’ll go to Jeff.”

“I’m, like, what are you doing here,” said Pam McCoy. “She said, 'well, I had to work. I had a job. Where am I supposed to go? I don’t have my house.'”

After 40 years of teaching at Jeffersonville High even in retirement the school is a sanctuary for the lady affectionately known as Ms. O.

“I was just in my heaven there,” said Oglesby.

“She loves being in this place,” said McCoy.

If you ask her former students what makes Ms. O standout.

“Love,” said Nancy Molnar. “The love of students, the love of Jeff High. She is the Red Devil!”

The class of 84 built her house, but she says it was the memories of the kids that made it a home.

“Most of the stuff can be replaced, but I have 40 years of year books, plus the 4 I was at Jeff High, plus middle school, plus the pictures,” said Oglesby. “Those are the things that can’t be replaced.”

Or can they?

Former students have offered their yearbooks, money, even their own homes to Ms. O.

“You get back what you give,” said McCoy. “Ms. O has given to so many people.”

“I treat them like I want to be treated,” said Oglesby. “I think that carries over. I just love all of these kids!”

If you would like to help Ms. Oglesby get back on her feet or regain some of those precious memories lost in the fire you can drop off donations at Jeffersonville High School.