LOUISVILLE (WHAS) -- The city of Louisville has joined with Falls Art Foundry in a $8,200 contract to remove paint from the vandalized Castleman monument. The cost includes paint removal as well as re-waxing for the statue.

Falls Art Foundry, located in the Portland neighborhood, specializes in lost wax casting, fine art, and design. It creates bronze sculptures for public and private use, as well as for galleries and museums. Falls Art Foundry is a member of The National Sculpture Society and The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

Once a start date is selected, clean up is expected to take about one week.

The statue was vandalized with paint on August 13, 2017. This vandalism, as well as outcry about the statue, prompted Mayor Greg Fisher to put in place a system to review public art which might honor "bigotry, racism, or slavery." The Commission for Public Art is set to hold a public meeting on September 6 at 514 W. Liberty.

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After the meeting, further input will be gathered from the community. No decisions about public art will be made until after this public engagement process.