LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- If you live in the Smoketown neighborhood or happen to pass through, you will notice things look a lot different, thanks to a partnership aimed at building hope.

The Building Our Blocks project is behind a day-long effort to get rid of blight, physically clean-up the community and deter crime.

Organizers realize it won't happen overnight, that's why they are targeting one block at a time.

“We encountered a citizen that had a rat infestation and asked us for a solution on the spot, wanted to set something up. So our health and wellness person came over and got us and we grabbed one of our community partners to go over because they have the expertise. They checked out the situation, so together, health and wellness, our community partner, a private group saw what needed to be done, so we got together to form a plan,” Hex Persephone, Deputy Director of Performance Management for Building our Blocks, said.

Work will be done on four blocks in Smoketown including Lampton, Clay, Finzer and Logan Streets along with a portion of Breckinridge.