A busy Bardstown Road intersection hosts concrete, cars whizzing by, but in the middle of it all is a bright spot.

“These people worked so hard to make something beautiful out of such an ugly area,” said Melissa Goens, who lives in the area.

Goens, who drives by the mural at the top of the Highlands every day but on Friday, says her heart sank.

“It's just disgusting,” Goens said.

The mural that stretches the entire length of the overpass was vandalized from top to bottom.

“I'm just really sad and disappointed,” said Sabra Crockett, who was the charge artist on the project. She invested more than 1,000 hours in the summer of 2014 to complete the $12,000 mural.

“It was a complete labor of love,” Crockett said.

It's unclear what the vandals wrote or why this particular spot was chosen, but the former president of the Bon Air Neighborhood Association wonders if it was targeted for some of its images.

“We were guilty of discrimination,” said Evelyn DeCuir, former Bon Air Neighborhood Association president.

DeCuir was the president of the neighborhood association when the mural was completed. She says during the planning process, they never thought images of President Abraham Lincoln or a Plantation home could be offensive to some.

“I'm ashamed and embarrassed that it just occurred to us now,” DeCuir said.

The motivation behind the vandalism still isn't clear whether the images were targeted or not but it has become a teaching moment.

If you did see anything that might have looked suspicious near the mural, you can call LMPD on their anonymous tip line, 574-LMPD.