Well, that's one way to deal with the impending election.

Leonardo DiCaprio was the special guest at President Obama's South by South Lawn summit in D.C. Monday, and shared an amusing detail during a speech by climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe.

Hayhoe, discussing climate change, said, “As long as we haven’t signed up for the trip to Mars. I don’t want to know if anyone has."

To which DiCaprio joked, “I did.”

While he not be 100% serious about that Mars voyage, DiCaprio's admission comes the week after SpaceX founder Elon Musk shared his plans for colonizing our favorite red planet, which includes sending humans to space on a highly dangerous 30-day voyage, with tickets running around $200,000.

Hear that, ladies? For an insane amount of money and a substantial risk of death, you too could travel to distant lands with Leo DiCaprio, sequestered together in tight quarters for weeks on end.

Hopefully it goes better than another memorable DiCaprio voyage.