FRANKFORT, Ky. (WHAS11) -- In front of the Kentucky Supreme Court, Attorney General Andy Beshear presented a case against Kentucky's top leader Friday. He claims Governor Matt Bevin abused his power, again.

"It’s not only capable of repetition, it's being repeated over and over," Beshear said.

Beshear said Bevin acted illegally when he invoked an executive order and ousted UofL's Board of Trustees last year. He said he worries giving the governor this kind of power will hurt UofL and other public universities in the future.

Beshear said, "All I have sought all along is to protect the independence of these universities. In the end, a university needs to be able to make a decision about courses, tenure, hiring and firing without the pressure of a board being able to totally wipe out a board if he disagrees with that decision."

Beshear hopes the supreme court will rule the action unconstitutional.

Bevin's attorney Steve Pitt hopes the court will dismiss the case all together.

Pitt said, "I think what the court can do and should do and must do is dismiss this case and vacate the case on muteness grounds and vacate the judgment below."

Pitt said new legislation passed earlier this year accounts for the replacing of the board, and the governor's order is no longer in effect. So, he said, there is no reason for the court to rule on the case.

In response to Beshear’s claims that Bevin’s actions will negatively affect public universities in the future, Pitt said, "With all due respect to the attorney general, I think that’s poppycock."

The hearing lasted about an hour, as justices were able to ask questions along the way.

Now the decision is in the hands of the court. There is no indication as to when the court will come down with a ruling.