LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- We want to know where we eat is clean, and when it's not we want to know why. In partnership with Louisville Business First, we gathered the reasons behind the latest restaurant failing grade health ratings in our area.

Louisville Business First compiled the data from Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness showing the C grades in from July 1 to September 30 of this year.

Captain D's on Oaklawn Drive had one of the lowest scores with a 57 and a C rating.

Violations included:

• Improper storage of employee food/drink(s). (stored on shelving by the coke machine next to and above clean dishware) (corrected)

• Employee personal drinks did not have a lid and straw.

• Hands not washed to prevent contamination from the previous task. (employee did not wash hands after taking out garbage and drinking a beverage before returning to food handling)

• A person in charge does not demonstrate knowledge.

• Food contact surfaces not clean and sanitized. (Soiled single-service gallon containers, soiled soda products, soiled single service containers, soiled shelving inside of walk-in cooler, soiled hot holding unit)

• Spray nozzle to 3-compartment sink sitting inside of the dirty wash water.

• Toxic items not properly stored. (next to single service items in back storage room)

It's now a B with a score of 96.

Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness Food Supervisor Janet Miller says one critical violation results in a C, a failing grade.

“A re-inspection is required within seven to ten days and so at that time, that critical violation needs to be corrected,” Miller said.

If it's not corrected a restaurant receives another failing grade.

“Then they would come in for an administrative conference. We would talk with them about what the problem is, why this critical violation seems to be repeated. Then because they've failed two consecutive inspections they would be required to place a b placard,” Miller said.

Anoosh Bistro received a C with an 84 score. Their violations included not maintaining food at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below. A Reach-in unit was out of temperature but Chef Anoosh Shariat says they voluntarily threw all the food in it away which was hundreds of dollars.

“It was in July. It was a hot day and one of compressors wasn't temping. At that point it was Friday night, so by Saturday morning we had repair people here by Monday we got our A back,” Shariat said.

The restaurant now has an A and a score of 100.

“I think it’s very important to obey by health laws. So, I think it’s an important thing. We understand it. We live it every day,” Shariat said.

Miller says keeping food at its proper temperature is of the most common violations. She understands it can be tough in the summer when fridges are working overtime because of the heat but the proper temperature is important to prevent food poisoning.

“Most all establishments, they try to do the right thing. A lot of time we encounter situations where they were just not knowledgeable and so a big part of our job is to be educators as well… Our goal is to try and prevent foodborne illness,” Miller said.

Below are other notable restaurants with a food temperature violation:

Cottage Inn, 570 Eastern Parkway

Grade: C/76

• Potentially hazardous food not maintained at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below at all times except during necessary periods of preparation and service.

• Employee eating, drinking, smoking in unauthorized area.

• All sewage and wastewater not disposed of in an approved manner.

Cottage Inn now has an A and a score of 96.

Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse, 434 S. Fourth St.

Grade: C/82

• Potentially hazardous food not maintained at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below at all times except during necessary periods of preparation and service. (In-house sauces, pimento cheese, blue cheese, slaw, heavy cream, chicken breast, wings, etc.) Corrected, discarded

• Employee eating, drinking, smoking in unauthorized area.

• The chlorine solution for manual/mechanical ware washing is not at the proper concentration level. (Actively dishwashing)

Guy Fieri's Smokehouse now has an A and a score of 96.

Molly Malone’s, 933 Baxter Ave.

Grade: C/81

• Food adulterated by rodents.

• Potentially hazardous foods not held at safe temperatures. Sausage, hard boiled eggs, cooked vegetables, potatoes, pasta, chicken wings, etc. at 47-54 F.

• Infestation - mice throughout facility - droppings, chewed containers, carcasses.

Molly Malone’s on Baxter Avenue now has a B and a score 96.

The owner of Molly Malone’s on Baxter Avenue sent us this statement in response to the violations and assures us the building is now clean.

“We've operated as a neighborhood pub and restaurant for 20 years. In that time we've provided a safe place for neighbors and friends to eat and drink. Our recent infraction with the health department is as much of a disappointment to us as it was to the public. We are sorry for any inconvenience or upset, especially to our loyal guests who are like family to us. We've righted our wrong, made improvements and repairs, and we have received the thumbs up from the health department. Keeping up a historical building and pub for over two decades has been a labor of love. We want to continue to be a characterful neighborhood institution and provide a warm, welcoming place for people to gather. We hope by providing excellent service and a safe, clean environment for our guests we can earn their trust and be deserving of their business for years to come.” – Donal Ryan

The restaurant has a B ranking because the building closed for the improvements but the next time a health inspector comes, which is typically twice a year, they should get an A.

Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ, 102 Baure Ave.

Grade: C/77

• Open-top personal beverages stored on, above or beside food contact surfaces/single service items. Corrected.

• Drinks must be with lid and straw away from food. Corrected.

• Presence of insects. Flies, gnats, by freezer

The general manager, Chad Cooley, says the violation of a presence of insects was a result of a screen door having a hole in it. He says that hole was fixed quickly after the inspection. He adds they work with an exterminator monthly and do not have any issues with insects.

Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ on Baure Avenue now has an A rating and a score of 96.

Red Barn Kitchen, an older building, received a C and 86. The violations included:

• All sewage and wastewater not disposed of in an approved manner.

• Waste pipe leak at prep sink.

• Waste pipe leak at hand sink in food prep area

Red Barn Kitchen did not reach back for comment but the restaurant now has an A rating.

It's also possible to have a high score but a failing grade like Volare on Frankfort Avenue.

That restaurant received a 94 score, but one critical violation resulted in a failing grade.

The restaurant’s violations include:

• Open top personal beverages on, above, or beside food or food containers

• Personal drinks without lid or straw. (Corrected)

Volare corrected the problem and now has a rating of 100 and an A score.

“We don't go in hoping to shut someone down or hoping to fail. We would love it if we walked in and everything was perfect but that doesn't happen in the real world. So, our job is to point out those situations where what we are seeing could lead to someone getting sick,” Miller said.

Restaurants at the mercy of a scorecard. A system set in place to make sure the food we eat is safe.

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