LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The Black Friday buzz usually surrounds big businesses and shopping malls, but this year, local shops are asking you at home to consider them"There are some really good things going on in here," Maleva Chamberlain, Owner of Louisville Antique Market, said.

Chamberlain is one of the owners at the Louisville Antique Market. Where a wide variety is a guarantee.

"I think they can find things that are more unique. Instead of the cookie cutter things," Chamberlain said.With some dealers offering up to 75 percent off of their items, the sales are steep, and Chamberlain calls it a win, both for you and for them.

"All of that money stays in the community- it doesn't go back to big businesses in other places. So I think that's a really important thing," Chamberlain said.

Down the street, Leslie Bowers, who owns Peace of Earth, echoes the sentiment.

"I think that right now especially it's crucial. We're kind of at a crossroads and small businesses are really feeling the pinch right now and were counting on people to support us now more than ever," Bowers said.

From handmade soaps and jewelry to gift baskets designed with your child's teacher in mind, Peace of Earth is full of gifts Bowers said you can't find anywhere else.

"The great thing about Nulu is that all of the stores sell different things and it's very condensed and very walkable and it’ all locally owned. So you can know that in just a couple of blocks you can hit up a bunch of different stores, do all of your shopping locally and find a variety of different gifts," Bowers said.

Peace of Earth offering 15 percent off of their gift baskets.

This year Nulu business owners said sales have been down, so they're counting on this weekend to help them get ahead.

So before you buy from the big guys, remember the small ones, who rely on your business this time of year.