LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The annual "March for Mercy" brought out dozens of LGBT supporters Sunday afternoon, all calling for a more accepting community.

This is the fifth year the group has taken on the pilgrimage downtown but supporters said this year was better than ever before- something they credit to the large turnout.

Step by step, with signs in hand, LGBT supporters from different backgrounds, came together for the same cause.

"Discrimination is not a good thing, this country has been against discrimination for a long time and discrimination against LGBT people still exists," Sister Mary Swain with the Loretto Community said.

It is that discrimination event organizers hope to put to rest. They are asking local Catholic leaders and parishioners to join the acceptance movement and recognize LGBT people and their rights.

"We think it’s important for our local catholic church- the Archdiocese of Louisville- to be aware of the fact that there are people in this community who are advocating for change and inclusion in the Catholic church for LGBT people," LGBT activist Greg Bourke said.

The group walked several blocks throughout downtown, eventually ending at on the steps of The Cathedral of the Assumption, hoping to share their message with those attending Sunday night's mass.

Sister Mary Swain, a Catholic nun with the Loretto Community was among those who walked. This was her first year participating, but she says it won’t be her last.

"We live our lives in certain ways and try to do what’s right and I don’t think discrimination is right, so I don’t do it, but it takes a while for institutions to catch up”, Swain said.

The hope is movements like this one, will encourage institutions like the Catholic Church to catch up and embrace equality, instead of promoting discrimination.

According to event organizers, Louisville is one of only eight Kentucky cities that prohibits LGBT discrimination in employment and housing and that is a number they are hoping to change.