LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The boyhood home of Muhammad Ali will have a ribbon cutting and private ceremony on May 1 and developers tell WHAS11 News public tours will happen near the end of May.

Denise Ervin-Stanton is one of the very few people that can call 3302 Grand Avenue home. She also lived in the childhood home of Muhammad Ali until she was 8-years-old.

She says she is ecstatic and knows her late grandmother would be so proud of these renovations.

Her family lived at the famous home from 1961 until the early 2000s.

“My grandmother, she protected the house and every year Muhammad Ali would check in on her and I appreciated that," Ervin-Stanton said.

Ms. Elma Ervin, her grandmother, passed away in 2001. This childhood home transformation resonates in Denise's heart.

“I'm overjoyed because my grandmother she's gone and I know that she would have wanted something done with the house," she said.

The house sat empty for years, Denise lived there until 1978 and then moved to the west coast.

Although she was far, there was a particular guardian who would visit.

“My grandmother would call and say Cassius was here today and I was like ‘oh my gosh what was he doing?’ she said he just wants to see the house – he checked on her every year,” she stated.

Ervin-Stanton says her grandmother kept the house the same as when Ali and his family lived there.

“It excites me as though I'm in the divine place of heave – this is a divine home, our dad and mom lived here and my brother Muhammad and I lived here at one time, it's a high honor," Rahman Ali, Muhammad Ali's brother added.

The Greatest, a product of West Louisville, now his home will serve as historic landmark that the public will be able to see.

Ervin-Stanton says she's just glad to see such an interest in saving a part of her life, “It's just remarkable to be a part of that home and how they made me feel welcome.”

Sunday May 1 is the ribbon cutting and private ceremony will be taken place and private tours for those who helped contribute to the restoration of Muhammad Ali's childhood home. It is the end of May when those tours will open to the public.