Ever thought you were pregnant? I’m going to assume the answer is yes.

Chances are, you peed on a stick before officially going to the doctor. And then you probably threw that stick in the trash, where it then made its way into a landfill and probably still sits there today, perfectly unchanged.

Because…well, plastic lasts a long time.

Finally, a pregnancy test that ensures privacy

But you know what else probably happened on that day? You probably had a very emotional response to the results of your test — whatever they were.

Maybe you weren’t quite wanting to be pregnant.

Maybe you’d been trying for a while, but today wasn’t the day.

Maybe you were trying and you DID get pregnant. Congrats!

Pregnancy tests come with lots of feelings.

So the fact that women now have the ability to ensure privacy by flushing a pregnancy test is pretty great. And don’t worry about the box because it’s so small, the founder said it could be shipped to consumers in a discreet envelope.


Philadelphia-based company Lia Diagnostics‘ pregnancy test is more than 99 percent accurate, its founder Bethany Edwards said at the Tech Crunch Disrupt competition in Berlin, where she and co-founder Anna Simpson won nearly $50,000 Philly.com reported. Worth noting, however, Edwards did not say at what point the test became reliable.

It’s guilt-free, too. (Meaning it won’t screw the environment)

The test is also made of paper. So that means it’s biodegradable.

Lia Diagnostics is the first company to offer a flushable, biodegradable pregnancy test.

Lia Diagnostics is the first company to offer a flushable, biodegradable pregnancy test. Credit: Lia Diagnostics

When you purchase Lia pregnancy tests, the company’s site says:

“You aren’t contributing to the 2 million pounds of plastic and digital pregnancy test waste produced each year in the U.S. When you are done, just flush it down the toilet or toss it in your compost pile.”

The company has been awarded for its innovation, Philly.comreported, including $10,000 from the Small Business Administration and nearly $50,000 from Tech Crunch Disrupt Berlin.

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Philly.com also reported that Lia recently received its clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be sold over the counter.

Founders Bethany Edwards and Anna Simpson told Philly.com they expect sales to begin in mid-2018.