(ALLTHEMOMS.com) - My sensory mama heart just found a reason to shop Target again.

Last week, Target debuted a sensory-friendly clothing line from Cat & Jack. It means the clothes were specifically designed for children who are oversensitive to textures, sights, sounds, flavors, and smells.

My middle son has a sensory-processing disorder. I spent all summer slowly adapting him to school uniforms for kindergarten. I thought it was utterly hopeless at the beginning of summer; we were both in tears.

After I purchased his uniforms, I made sure to cut all tags out.

Designed to ‘minimize discomfort’

Cat & Jack’s sensory-friendly apparel is soft, plush and void of troublesome tags and bothersome embellishments. The goal: To “minimize discomfort when in contact with the skin,” Target and designers said.

The clothing line also includes extra room and higher waistlines to accommodate children in diapers.

The best part? It doesn’t break the piggy bank.

Prices range from $4.50 to $7 per item. Any parent of a sensory child who has bought compression clothing or weighted clothing can appreciate that fact.

Target partnered with the designers after hearing from staff and shoppers that sensory-friendly clothing needed to be both fashionable and affordable.

“With this insight, we set out to introduce a limited selection of sensory-friendly kids’ clothing,” Target spokeswoman Meghan Roman said. “It offers kids stylish options to feel comfortable, confident all day long.”

She added that sensory-friendly and adaptive styles will become a regular part of Target’s inventory and clothing options for kids.

Customer feedback sought

Now, the clothing line carries children’s sizes 2T to large size 13/14. Target is waiting for feedback from customers before adding adult sizes, Roman said.

But the retailer plans to continue to expand the current inventory as Cat & Jack adds new designs.

Also, adaptive clothing for those with other disabilities will hit Target’s shelves soon.

Finally, a clothing line that knows how real the struggle is for parents to simply get their kids dressed. Will Cat & Jack come out with school uniforms versions?

We hope so!