LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — For those who’ve seen him walking down sidewalks in downtown Louisville, you’ll be happy to know Spike the tortoise and Wayside Christian Mission mascot is doing well.

Last June, the 14-year-old tortoise almost died after being backed over by a car.

Spike’s shell cracked at the top, close to his lungs.

Veterinarians at Shively Animal Clinic and Hospital managed to put the giant turtle’s shell back together again with wire and acrylic, as well as boat epoxy.

However, the fear was the damage done internally.

Thankfully, Spike regained his appetite and his ability to clear out his system.

The recovery has been slow, but that makes sense…he’s a tortoise after all!

Today, he’s walking and getting stronger, and that makes no one happier than his roommate at Wayside, William Duncan.

“In this case it’s a turtle’s my best friend,” Duncan said. “That’s my whole purpose, making sure that he’s o.k.”