RADCLIFF, Ky. (WHAS11) – It’s Tuesday morning at the bowling alley. Radcliff resident Rose Roylo is doing what she's done with her spare time for decades.

"I started in 1974 until now," Rose Roylo said.

Roylo, who is 87-years-old, says the hobby started sort of by accident.

"I was playing softball when somebody approached me, one of the ladies approached me and said ‘Hey do you bowl?’ I said no, she said ‘well my team needs a bowler,’ so I said well I can try," Roylo laughed.

Try she did. Over the years, bowling has earned Roylo countless patches, quite a few plaques and taken her across the country. Her love of bowling is something Rose shared with her husband until he passed away.

"It says, you know Baton Rouge, Salt Lake City, St Louis," Roylo said, describing the patches.

Roylo admits her game has changed a bit over the years.

"Since my surgery in 2011 I don’t have the regular approach you know 4:28 I just take 2 steps and I roll my ball before I had a long slide and all that but not anymore," Roylo said.

In just a few weeks, Roylo will once again compete in the National Senior Games, sponsored by Humana.

"I have been to 11 consecutive senior games and this is going to be my 12th in Birmingham Alabama," Roylo said.

Bowling is one of 10 sports that are part of the National Senior games, the games celebrate healthy and active aging.

"Humana has been supporting the National Senior Games since it was here in Louisville in 2007 and that's really because our missions align we want to see people age and age in a healthy way," Kate Marx, a Humana Spokesperson said.

Roylo has been named one of this year's 15 Humana Game Changers out of the more than 10,000 senior athletes competing in the games from June 2 through June 15 in Birmingham, Alabama.

"She was selected because she really inspires and motivates people to stay active as they age and she does that in a way that she has overcome challenges and she has been dedicated to her sport and to her community," Marx said.

Rose says while she is still competitive, bowling is her way of having a good time and staying young.

"This keeps me going when I get out from the house and I come to bowling center, I meet my friends," Roylo said.