(INSIDE EDITION) -- A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

In a heartfelt moment that has gone viral, an 8-year-old Texas girl prayed for police officers at a San Antonio restaurant earlier this week.

Paige Vazquez said she always prays for people so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to pray for the officers she spotted at a local restaurant on Wednesday.

“I always pray for people because, and police officers, because I know they have a rough time sometimes and sometimes a little prayer can make someone’s day so I decided to do that just in case they’re having a rough day,” Paige told InsideEdition.com.

And with officers of the San Antonio police department mourning the death of fallen officer, Michael Moreno, who was killed on duty in late June, the gesture was appreciated.

“A wonderful moment to lift our spirits on the hardest of days...,” the department wrote on their Facebook page with a picture of the special moment that was captured by Paige’s grandmother.

Moreno was laid to rest on Friday.

Paige’s mom, Kat Garcia, said she was shocked the post went viral but said her daughter’s actions did not surprise her.

The post has been shared more than 3,000 times.

“I’m not shocked at her about what she did. She’s very caring. She’s very loving. She has a very old soul. It’s just something that comes to her naturally,” Garcia told InsideEdition.com. “It just amazes me just because she’s so young.”

Officers thanked Paige for her kindness afterward.

“We support our officers,” Garcia said.