(ABC News) - Matt Johnson, the owner of Living Light Shows in San Antonio, Texas, turned this house into the ultimate “Star Wars”-themed holiday light display using 15,000 lights.

The home is not his because he did a similarly elaborate light show on his own house in 2015, but it created such terrible traffic issues that he said he had to shut it down after two weeks.

“There were cars lined up all the way through our neighborhood to the main street,” Johnson, 42, told ABC News. “It was clearly not the venue for something like that.”

His wife saw this home in downtown San Antonio while running a half-marathon and thought it would be the perfect spot to allow more room for passer-bys to enjoy the show.

“There’s easy traffic flow and a big grassy area right across the street where people can congregate,” he explained. “We knocked on their door and they were all over it. They liked it.”

The light display, set to producer Celldweller's remix of "The Imperial March,” took a full year to program and six weeks to assemble onto the house.

Johnson said he’s been inspired to create the elaborate light shows because he keeps “hearing over and over, especially form the younger generation, that people are burned out and bored of traditional, static lights,” he said. “The millennials want to see the lights do something. Venues need to get rid of their tired old lights and think of how to make these lights more interactive to appeal to the video game generation.”

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