(INSIDE EDITION) -- Kind students at a Michigan high school wanted to do something nice for their custodian who they say is always joyous.

Kenna Hermanson, 18, said her friend, Andrew Cordes, approached her with the idea to gift the custodian at Garden City High School, Brian Junk, with a new pair of work boots after he'd noticed his shoes looked worn down.

“We thought it was a great idea because he is so nice and he always does so much for people,” Hermanson told InsideEdition.com.

So, Hermanson and Cordes enlisted the help of 10 other students to pitch in to buy the new shoes.

In a video captured of the special moment, the students presented Junk with the shoes. He was clearly surprised at the gesture, even mentioning that he'd needed a new pair of shoes.

“He was so excited and he did not expect it at all,” Hermanson said. "He told me at school yesterday that he sprayed them so they can be ready to be worn.”

The video of the moment has already been viewed nearly 100,000 times on Facebook.

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“We think it's important to give back to him because of all he does for the students. He deserves it,” Hermanson said.