Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - The winter blues are hitting the Bluegrass hard this weekend. While you've probably already thought of warming up under some blankets or next to a fire, you may have overlooked some of these tasty foods that will warm you from the inside out.

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Ice Cream

No, this isn't on the wrong list! It turns out, the fat content in ice cream contributes to your body feeling warmer. Initially, ice cream will make your body feel cooler due to the temperature difference. Fat takes a while to digest, and as it does, your body produces energy that makes you feel warm.


In the short-term, caffeine can increase metabolism. There is a connection between body temperature and high metabolic rate, and it's believed caffeine will give you a jolt of warmth whether taken in hot or cold.


Bananas are packed with multiple benefits for those seeking to beat the winter blues. They contain magnesium, which can cause a "flush" in a person, giving off a feeling of warmth. Bananas are also packed with B vitamins, which help convert food into fuel, giving us energy and a quick boost!


It's no surprise that chili is on this list! It's absolutely packed with good feeling foods. Usually beef based, the iron-packed meat bumps up the warmth in your blood. Beans, often appearing in chili, also offer a fair amount of iron. A staple of chili recipes, cumin in large amounts causes slight spikes in blood pressure, which leads to a warm feeling.

Meat and Eggs

Iron-packed foods often give off a warm feeling. Those with an iron-deficiency often report feeling cold or having chills. Eating iron-rich meats like beef and liver, as well as eggs, will pump up the warm and fuzzies in you.

Broccoli and Spinach

For those wanting iron to warm them up this weekend but may not be able to eat meat, broccoli and spinach are just the thing! They won't give you super-human strength like a certain cartoon sailor, but they will have you ready to take on the winter.

Whole Grains

Complex carbs, like rice, quinoa and other whole grains, are harder for the body to digest. As the complex carbs digest, your body generates energy, and it makes your body warmer during the process.


We are in bourbon country, after all! Alcohol causes blood vessels to widen, allowing more blood to flow through, which causes your skin to heat. Unlike the other foods on this list, alcohol can be very dangerous when paired with winter conditions--the large bursts of warmth can often distract you from the actual temperature you are experiencing. Please drink responsibly.