People throw around the word "tastemakers" in a metaphorical sense, but we have literal tastemakers locally.

Louisville-based Flavorman consults with and helps develop flavors for beverage companies large and small. This gives the company a unique perspective when it comes to determining what beverages make it to the marketplace.

In a recent news release, Flavorman's team of experts predicted the top trends they expect to take over the beverage industry in 2018. You'll notice a definitive trend toward earthy and familiar tastes. The company said consumers are likely to find these flavors in tea, coffee, soda, beer and spirits.

Here are the four flavors and the company's notes on each:

Maple — like bourbon, but sweeter: Maple flavors can be both deliciously complex and subtle. Like bourbon, many factors influence how maple tastes. One could taste notes of roasted coffee while another detects hints of hazelnut and cinnamon. Also like bourbon, maple must age to reach perfection. Trees need to be 30-40 years old before they can be tapped. Another benefit of maple is its high antioxidant value. It contains elevated levels of the mineral manganese and vitamin B2, which promotes a healthy metabolism, bone structure and thyroid function.

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