Halloween is a night where even the most health-conscious find a reason (or two) to indulge in sweet treats. Plus, with most Halloween candies coming in "fun" or "bite" sizes, they can't be all that bad, can they?

'Eat This, Not That' has released a ranking of "best and worst" Halloween candies, based on calorie, fat, and sugar content - and the results may surprise you.

Crowd-favorites such as "Milky Way", "Twix", and "Starburst" are ranked in the "Worst" category, due to their high sugar and calorie contents. In fact, "Starburst" have the most sugar in the entire list - 11.5g per fun-size serving. "Reese's Mini's" hold the top spot in the "Worst" list. Despite their smaller size, these treats pack quite the caloric punch, coming in at 108 calories per three pieces.

To indulge without overdoing it, try reaching for the candies that made the "Best" list. If you're looking for a chocolate fix, go for a 3 Musketeers: its light and fluffy texture help cut the calories down to about 60 per fun-size bar. There's also good news if chocolate and peanut butter is your thing - the "Reese's Pieces" snack pack manages to keep a lower sugar content - 7 grams - while preserving that iconic Reese's flavor.

According to the ranking, the "best" candy choice on Halloween is the humble jelly bean. The Jelly Belly snack packs offer a variety of fun, fruity flavors at only 4 calories per bean.

It's important to know exactly what you're putting in your (or your child's) mouth when it comes to Halloween treats. Moderation is important - especially when all that sugary goodness is within reach.

But at the end of the day, candy is still candy and the only way to have a guilt-free Halloween is to not feel guilty about enjoying your favorite sweets. I know I'll certainly be reaching for a Snickers (or two) tonight!

For the full list and more nutritional info, click here.

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