On Aug. 21, for the first time in 99 years, the entirety of North America will see a solar eclipse. People are traveling from far and wide to see it—but regardless of where you plan on spending the day, you can still celebrate.

We rounded up the 10 best eclipse-themed food and drinks you can make at home to celebrate. It's definitely the most festive thing you can do for the moon this century.

1. Black and White Cookies

New Yorkers, rejoice! Your favorite cookie just got a lot more festive, if only for a day.

2. Classic Kahlua Cocktail

Like coffee, just a lot more fun. Just keep yourself from getting totally eclipsed, you know?

3. Moon Cookies

Somehow, these aren't made of cheese.

4. Galaxy Cupcakes

Galaxy food, you are needed now more than ever. Also this frosting might turn your teeth blue, but it's for ~science~.

5. Black Magic Cocktail

We're 'nuts for this recipe.

7. Moon Pies

Come on. How can you not eat a Moon Pie during an eclipse?

8. Eclipse Cookies

If this is what science class was like in school, I would have done a lot better.

9. Galaxy Cookies

My love for these pretty cookies burns brighter than the sun.

10. Blackberry Moonshine

It'll still make you feel rebellious.

11. Stacked Oreo Cheesecake

Ok, so the eclipse is really just an excuse to eat cheesecake.