(ABC News) -- The woman whom Jay-Z invited onstage at his Saturday night tour stop in California said she's "on cloud nine" after the experience.

Christina Cruz of San Jose, California, said she attended the rapper's “4:44” concert in Oakland with boyfriend Michael Becerra, snagging front-row seats.

It made it easier for Jay-Z to read her gold sign. It read, "I beat cancer 2X 2 see U! I love U!! Selfie or hug?"

Cruz, 37, told ABC News she was diagnosed with colon cancer twice -- she had stage two cancer in 2013, and had stage four cancer last year. After undergoing 12 rounds of chemotherapy, Cruz said, she's well today.

"I’m happy to say I’m 14 months in remission," she boasted.

Jay-Z, 48, met the cancer survivor's challenge by pausing his performance and inviting the woman up onstage. The two even posed for a photo.

"Just know: You beat cancer twice, you can do anything," he said to the applauding arena, according to a video taken by Cruz's boyfriend. "During those tough times, just remember to smile."

He then dedicated his song, "Smile," to Cruz.

Cruz, who said her favorite Jay-Z song is, "Excuse Me, Miss," said she was "just in shock" during the chance encounter. "There’s just no words. It was just so exciting," she added.

"He’s just my favorite rapper ever since I was a teenager," Cruz said. "I’ve been to all his concerts in San Jose -- the furthest [I've traveled] being [Las] Vegas. I just love him."