(INSIDE EDITION) -- A couple that has shared a love that has stood the test of time posed for a heartwarming photoshoot to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.

Harold Coleman, 90, sweetly kissed his 89-year-old wife, Ruby, on the forehead in one snap. In another shot, she lovingly rests her head on his shoulder.

Many have compared the Virginia couple, who married in 1952, and their love story to The Notebook, which tells of a love story that spanned six decades.

Just like the main character in the move, Ruby has dementia, and one of the few faces she still recognizes is her husband’s.

Photographer Megan Vaughan took the photos and shot the video of the couple.

“They're so lovey dovey, they're like a newly married couple. You watch them together and you can't help but smile,” she told Inside Edition.

The couple has five children, seven grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.