(ABC NEWS) -- This dad turned his baby daughter’s sleep suit into an awesome astronaut outfit and people online seem to think it's stellar.

On Reddit, pictures of the space-friendly baby have collected nearly 60,000 views.

"We got this sleep suit to try to help her take longer naps and sleep better overnight," Ben Brucker, of San Francisco, told ABC News about his baby girl, Maya. "It’s extraordinarily puffy and funny looking and it already looked pretty ridiculous.

"My wife, Emily, and I referred to it as her space suit," he added. "When she’d go down for a nap we’d tell her she’s going to the moon. I knew it would be easy to alter because it was already uncanny."

Brucker ordered the NASA patches online and snuck them into the house without his wife noticing. While she was away at work, his mom, who was in town visiting from New Jersey, helped him sew them on to surprise her.

"I’m now on paternity leave for a few weeks, and my wife is back to work," he said. "She’s been a bit stressed, and we are extremely sleep deprived, so I did this entirely to make her laugh. I wanted to turn something that was stressing us out into something that makes us smile."

The end result is out of this world, and his wife’s reaction was pretty priceless, too.

Brucker said he’d "be proud" if his daughter actually becomes an astronaut one day, but more than anything, he hopes "she becomes herself, whoever she is, and does something that makes her happy."