BIRCH HARBOR, Maine (AP) - A Maine lobster boat crew has saved an eagle that it spotted struggling in the Atlantic Ocean.

John Chipman, of Birch Harbor, said Monday that he came across the wet and weary raptor near Schoodic Island. He says it appeared to be relieved to see the boat and even tried to hop on board last Thursday.

Maine warden rescues 34-year-old eagle, oldest to be documented in state history

Chipman says two retired police officers who were with him brought the bird aboard after fashioning a makeshift raft from a life preserver, a piece of plywood and a rope.

Chipman says the bird was missing an eye and appeared to be older. Photos show it resting on the back of the boat. Chipman intended to deliver the eagle to game wardens, but it had other ideas and eventually flew away.

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The bait box lid was turned upside down and tied to a life ring and put in the water for him to perch on then the lifted the board onto the boat. This video was not taken by me. When i posted it i assumed my husband took it as he sent it to me to post.

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