HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. – Well, we're still "headed in the right direction" as we await the newest giraffe calf at Animal Adventure Park in N.Y.

April, the now-famous-and-very-pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park, is still doing her thing with no clear indications if the birth is imminent or not.

April has been spending some time in the sun lately.

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Monday night's update said that April and her calf's father, Oliver, "had a great day outside."

The next part of the update may be a little TMI but it's promising:

"Corey & Jordan observed some extra discharge and swell. Just more indication of heading in the right direction. Dr Tim was onsite soon after and confirms we have a happy healthy momma and the waiting game continues!"

Nothing really knew was reported in Tuesday's update, other than some more possibly-TMI details such as, "There is "wetness" around the back end, which is likely due to tail swishing of discharge. She is outdoors as I type this update! Got to love the return of warm weather!"

We're still waiting!

Friday's update wasn't anywhere near as hopeful as last weekend's. April appears to be eating well, and her "udders are full, wax caps have reappeared (as they will come and go at times), and she is very much "herself".

On Thursday, April's keeper reported a significant change in her shape. "Her body/belly is much less beach balled, as the bulges have streamlined. Perhaps suggesting a new position of calf."

The said they're hoping for a "launch sequence!"

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