(ABC News) -- Merce, 9, has a best friend named Mylee Guillory, also 9.

The two, who often refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, have known each other since birth. They became best friends after attending the same dance class at The Danse Difference in Gonzales, Louisiana, where their families live.

"They grew up in class together," Glen Meynardie, Merce's father, told ABC News. "They've been dancing together since they were 2. They've even had duets together and have been in recitals for seven years."

Mylee's mother Star Guillory added, "Before every class they hug and tell each other hi and after every class he'll walk her to her call and tell her bye. They're best friends and really care about each other. It's really, really sweet."

Still, when Merce had to tell his dance class that his family was moving to Temecula, California, Mylee was late to class.

"He didn't want them to tell her. He wanted to," Star Guillory noted.

When Merce did eventually spill the beans to his bestie, "she was heartbroken," her mother said.

"She said, 'My life is over. I'm supposed to marry Merce. How am I supposed to marry Merce if he's in California?'" Mylee's mother recalled.

Star Guillory said she tried to appease her daughter by saying that they could talk via her iPhone's FaceTime feature daily and even visit them.

 9-year-old best friends Mylee Guillory and Merce Meynardie went viral after a photo of them saying goodbye on June 25, 2017 went viral on Twitter. (Courtesy of Haylie Guillory)

Merce's dad also said that the family will return home to Louisiana for the holidays every year, "and we'll visit them," he added.

Both parents think that their children's friendships are enviable.

"It was an amazing send-off," Glen Meynardie said, adding that the family will officially move July 19.

Star Guillory added, "It’s just really sweet to see friends have a genuine love for each other."