LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- The Westport Middle School Orchestra got into the Halloween spirit Monday, sharing its performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” through a homemade music video. The group spent months not only learning the music but also the choreography to the famous dance.

“We had to learn how to move our bodies and do the Michael Jackson dance,” said Orchestra Director Cory Zilisch.

Zilisch said the unique music video comes from his unique orchestra where some students play electric instruments.

“We've got an electric orchestra that we started last year. It's one of the world's first electric orchestras,” Zilich said.

Once the students learned the complicated dance, it was time to make the video. It wasn't quite after midnight like the lyrics suggest, but the shoot was after school and filmed right on school grounds. The students turned the land behind the baseball fields into the haunted forest.

“My favorite part of the video was dressing up as zombies,” Hannah Armar, who plays the viola, said.

Armar says besides the creepy costumes the best part of the project has been sharing the video with her friends and classmates outside of the orchestra.

“They're like, ‘Hey, I saw you in that video. You looked great.’” Armar said.

“They think it's amazing and the specific word is ‘lit,” said 8th grade bass guitar player Kenneth Thompson.

As the Thriller video makes its way around Westport Middle School and beyond, the students and staff say they hope other kids will see how unique the orchestra is and hopefully want to be a part of the next performance.

“Playing at concerts, going to different places to perform, different things I just think it's really cool,” Thompson said.

“We've got kids that want to come here to be a part of the electric orchestra and the Westport Orchestra in general,” Zilich said.

The goal is for every student in the orchestra to have his or her own electrical instrument but that requires some fundraising. The orchestra is always accepting donations and if you're interested in helping, click here.