LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- When the temperature sinks below 20-degrees it is downright dangerous to be outside but that doesn't mean everyone chooses to go in. Over the last week and a half, several homeless outreach groups have spent nights out on the streets, checking on those who won't go inside.

Tuesday night it was only 17-degrees. But inside the Fed with Faith kitchen on Shelbyville Road, there was hot soup, warm socks, and packed sandwiches. All of the items ready to be loaded into vehicles and delivered to those spending the night on Louisville's streets.

"Tonight we're going out on a cold serve. Anytime it goes below 20-degrees we go out and take care of the folks we know about and also look for people that are in trouble," Ken Hall said.

Hall has volunteered with Fed with Faith for the last two and half years.

He has relationships with many of the people he served Tuesday night and knows they won't go into the shelters, even in the coldest conditions.

Hall said, "These people are people, even if they have issues. They still deserve some dignity and some respect."

His first stop is up a steep hill. It's a man he's served for years.

"I appreciate you coming out in the cold man because I know I went out earlier when it was still a little bit warmer," the man said, once he saw Hall.

"Yeah it's going to get a little bit warmer but is supposed to get down to 10 tonight," Hall responded.

"God bless you guys”, he said.

"Alright. Take care. Good night. Stay warm," Hall said as he turned to walk away.

Hall said everyone sleeping outside has their own reason why, ranging from anxiety to substance abuse.

"He's very secluded there and that's sort of how he prefers it," Hall said, of the man he just served.

The volunteers offer to take them to a shelter and then give them what they need to survive the night.

"It seems like we rarely have excess. It's kind of like whatever comes in today goes out today and that's sort of our cycle," Hall said.

Once they've served the ones they know where to find... they start looking for others.

"There's a guy right there. So we're going to go out and serve him," Hall pointed across the intersection.

Next, they check bus stops and benches. The mission is to leave no one behind.

When Hall wraps up his route, its 14-degrees and he has a moment that reminds him just how meaningful these missions are.

He finds a woman panhandling on the side of Broadway and offers her soup, socks, and a new coat. She responds, “You just made my night.”

"She was cold. Not nearly dressed for this weather. Those are the people when you leave them you think you've really made a difference when you've been out tonight," Hall said.

Fed With Faith is completely volunteer and donation based. They have been out every night since the beginning of last week and are in desperate need of donations.

Most needed items:

  • L/XL coats
  • Socks
  • Hand-warmers
  • Blankets
  • L/XL long johns