CYPRESS, Texas - A 7-year old girl from Cypress is capturing hearts around the world. Her dance video recorded inside of her hospital room at Texas Children's Hospital is going viral.

Piper Lively has moves she never expected the world to see.

"It was my goofy dance," said Piper.

Her life this past year has been spent in and out of Texas Children's Hospital.

"A nightmare, I can't sugar-coat it," said Lori Lively, her mother.

Doctors diagnosed Piper with Neuroblastoma, cancer of the nervous system.

"She's a trooper, we call her The Warrior Princess cause she's a tough little cookie," she said.

One day this pink-loving, pig collecting, soon-to-be second grader showed her mom how tough she really is.

In between chemo treatments, Piper bounced out of her hospital bed and started dancing.

"I just thought it was so cute and I hadn't seen her do anything like that in a long time and I was scrambling to get my phone so I could capture it on video," said Lori.

A big deal to mom, because that morning Piper was really sick.

"She was very nauseous, she'd been vomiting and very sick and feeling terrible," said Lori.

They had just finished watching Piper's favorite movie, Trolls.

"They dance a lot and they sing a lot," said Piper of characters in the movie.

So, she took a cue from the big screen to brighten her hospital room.

"It turned all colorful where the burgons lived and it wasn't all yucky anymore," said Piper.

The video went viral and was shared across the world.

"It's nice to know she can be an inspiration to others, but more than anything I'm just glad she's happy and she's coping well and that she's getting through," said Lori.

Now back home, Piper taught us a few of her moves; reminding us all, a smile and a little boogie can make everyone's world brighter, no matter how dark the diagnosis.