LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Michael Dubree was unknowingly entered in a contest by his girlfriend that ultimately won him the cover of Men’s Health, but it was the way he acted on his addiction that turned this recovering addict into a magazine cover boy.

Inside Powerhouse Gym a transformation is underway.

"The is just my sanctuary,” said Dubree. “It's where I come and relieve a lot of stress."

These days it's hard to miss Michael Dubree during a workout.

"Intense,” said workout partner Chris Merrifield. “In one word intense."

But not so long ago even Dubree didn't recognize the man in the mirror.

"My addiction issues started whenever I was 13-years-old,” said Dubree.

His drugs of choice were alcohol, opioids, and meth.

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"At the age 20 I had a heart attack as a direct result of methamphetamine use,” said Dubree. “Whenever I got to the Healing Place for one physically my appearance was a lot different. I weighed about 150-160lbs and I was just a broken shell of a man. You know I don't know that I possess the words to describe how lucky I am. I have escaped death on numerous instances."

Today he has a new addiction.

"I got sober January 17, 2011,” said Dubree. “I stepped foot into the gym March 1st, 2011. I never had the anticipation of ever going back.”

This addiction has helped transform the one-time meth addict into the cover boy for Men's Health.

"To be on the cover of that magazine is nothing short of amazing for me,” said Dubree. "It just goes to show you that if you're willing to put in the effort, listen, and try to do the next right thing what can happen."

But unlike his Men's Health cover shoot Dubree's story is far from over.

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"He's legitimately helped save my life,” said Merrifield. “He's been a huge catalyst to my recovery."

Dubree is now using his story to help others kick addiction.

"We always tell Mike all the time I'm just trying to look like you,” said Merrifield. “As humble as he is he tells us we need to set our standards higher. That's just the guy he is."

"My recovery is built upon taking it one day at a time, 24 hours at a time,” said Dubree.

You can follow Michael Dubree on Twitter and Instagram @Michael_Dubree7