LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – There will be a few familiar faces on the Jimmy Kimmel Show Thursday night. Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence is the guest host, and she's bringing her Kentuckiana connections with her. The actress invited local group Linkin' Bridge to perform its new song.

The group got thrown into the national spotlight as a finalist in Season 11 of America's Got Talent. The guys said it's been an incredible journey since, calling this spot on the Jimmy Kimmel show no exception. They said getting the chance to share the stage with Jennifer Lawrence makes it that much sweeter.

"She's been showing us a lot of love, and we love her just as much,” group member Montre Davis said.

Linkin' Bridge will debut its newest song before millions of viewers Thursday night. It's called "The War" and talks about conflicts of all kinds.

"It addresses some issues that are going on that are taboo. People aren't really trying to touch on it,” group member China Lacy said.

"Basically, we're saying why fight? We don't have to fight. Let's solve our issues in other ways. Let's not fight. We don't have to fight,” Davis said.

The song promotes a message the group said the world needs now more than ever.

"It's Linkin' Bridge. We're a bridge, and we want to bring people together and bring some peace to the world. So,

we just want to have a conversation, shut down the noise, and just talk. We want to see one another as humans and not enemies,” group member Ekoe Alexanda said.

From music videos to airport lobbies, Linkin' Bridge relishes in its roots wherever it goes. They get to promote the pride of the Commonwealth while constantly reaching for new heights.

"We love it, and it's all about the climb. We're going to keep climbing. It doesn't stop right here,” group member

Big Rome said. "It's been a long time coming. If anybody deserves a change in life and to accomplish your hopes and dreams, these four gentlemen are definitely appreciative."