(LOUISVILLE BUSINESS FIRST) -- United Parcel Service Inc. is filling the blank space on some of its delivery vans to delivery trucks with a pop star.

UPS (NYSE: UPS) announced Friday that it is partnering with 10-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift to deliver Swift's sixth studio album: Reputation.

UPS said in a news release that it has developed "a specialized, global logistics and distribution solution that includes both the secure distribution and shipment of CDs to retailers at a precise moment in time, along with the final delivery of the CDs to online consumers." To do that, for the first time in the Atlanta-based company’s 110-year history, select UPS package delivery cars will be decorated with Taylor Swift’s album cover image on the side of the truck.

The Swift UPS package cars will roll out in cities across the U.S., beginning with Nashville, Atlanta and New York City. UPS wants Swift fans to snap pictures of the decaled UPS cars (at a safe distance) and to use social media as a promotion to win Swift concert tickets. UPS also launched a contest for a fan to win a flyaway package with tickets to a Taylor Swift concert, plus airfare, hotel, dinner and a makeover.

UPS said its relationship with the pop star dates back to 2006, when the then-16-year-old Swift gathered around boxes containing copies of her first single "Tim McGraw."

"There was a stack of UPS labels on the coffee table printed with the addresses of radio stations across America who would hear her song for the first time," UPS said in the release. "UPS delivered those packages in 2006 and now, eleven years later will be delivering her new album to dedicated fans."

UPS is Louisville's largest employer, with more than 22,000 local employees.

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