Actress and singer Jessica Simpson is receiving some harsh feedback for posting pictures of her 5-year-old daughter posing in a bikini.

Simpson took to social media Tuesday to post three pictures of her daughter, Maxwell, posing in a pastel bikini with a helmet on her scooter.

Safety first 😂 #MAXIDREW

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Since Tuesday, the post has garnered a variety of comments calling the post inappropriate as well as fans coming to Simpson's defense.

"Two piece should only be sold at age 18," Instagram user fullcirclempire commented.

"You should take it down," ggrayhab commented.

"I can just hear JS saying, 'Gimme some pout girl! And stick your butt out!' IMO she's creating a monster for HERSELF later in life," darlee44 said.

"Sorry NO, that not right. A child posing like that... that just creepy. If I had a daughter that age I won't have wear a tiny bikini like that and pose herself like a model," wolfman_lucas said.

Many jumped to Simpson's defense calling the picture adorable and a typical 'kid picture.'

"Everyone complaining about this picture needs to get off of their high horse. She's a child. It's the age of innocence. Who cares what her swimsuit looks like. She's adorable. When you're a perfect mother who only posts perfect pictures and says perfect things, then you can complain. Leave people alone. If you have nothing nice to say then try not to say anything at all. @jessicasimpson you're daughter is beautiful," said julie_azevedo1.