LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It’s the foundation of the nation's largest firework show and its almost complete. Thunder Over Louisville masterminds are now putting the finishing touches on the production's soundtrack. The music is all from Kentucky natives—a nod to this year's theme which is Local and Original.

The three men behind the music sat down together for the first time Friday. Each one plays an important part in the development of the soundtrack.

Teddy Abrams, Director of the Louisville Orchestra, picked the tracks. He said he handed over nearly four hours of music from Kentucky's favorite artists.

Teddy Abrams, Wayne Hettinger and Bob Earnspiker working on the soundtrack for Thunder Over Louisville 

Thunder Over Louisville Executive Producer Wayne Hettinger said, "There's a lot of great music out there that you really like, but it’s not conducive to a firework show."

That's where Wayne Hettinger comes in. As the executive producer, he runs the show every year.

Listening to the music Friday, he described his vision.

"Depending on what’s going on with the music if we’re going to the big bloom fireworks or the rocket fireworks or just whatever to feel sky with the mood of the soundtrack,” Hettinger said.

Making each song flow into the next is Bob Earnspiker's job. As the editor, he spent weeks with Hettinger picking the songs and then laying them down to create the 30 minute soundtrack that you'll hear at this year's firework extravaganza.

"When the first comment was made with what if we did all music from around the state of Kentucky, immediately the reaction is we’re going to be hearing a lot of bluegrass but it’s just quite the opposite,” Hettinger said.

From American classics, like ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, to jazz legends and even country favorites, there is no one genre you'll hear at this year's show.

Those behind it promise you'll be impressed.

"I think the thing we've all recognized is just how exceptional the talent level is from this state. We have a lot to be really proud of here. This is a great state for music,” Abrams said.

Producers said they will be finalizing the soundtrack by the end of next week and then handing that over to those who program the fireworks.

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