(ALLTHEMOMS.com) - Watch out, Ms. Frizzle, because your modern younger sister is about to join you on Netflix this month.

The company just announced a remake of the early 1990s children’s television show, “The Magic School Bus Rides Again,” on Facebook.

We are over-the-moon delighted to relive the shrinking, exploding and gooey adventures of our youth — with our children!

In January, Netflix added the original Ms. Frizzle to its binge-worthy list, telling subscribers to check back in September for what’s next for “The Magic School Bus.”

‘Whoa, total Frizzle overload!’

In the reboot, Ms. Frizzle hands over the classroom keys — along with her beloved school bus companion — to her sister, Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle.

Don’t reach for the remote just yet. The show debuts on Sept. 29, when Ms. Fiona takes the kids on their first adventure.

“And as my big sister always said, ‘Bus, do your stuff!'” Fiona says in the teaser released by Netflix.

That’s when nostalgia kicks in, with the ever-so-catchy “Ride on the Magic School Bus” theme song.

Ms. Fiona takes the kids into space, through genes, and into the deepest, darkest sea adventures. They even go back into caveman times and explode out of a volcano!

“I’m pretty sure this wasn’t on my permission slip,” one kid says.

And if that wasn’t enough to flood the memory banks, the teaser ends with Ms. Frizzle sitting at a drive-in movie. “Well, Goldie, our adventure begins.”

Watch the teaser here: