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DALLAS -- "Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston often seems like the nicest guy in Hollywood in interviews, and we're beginning to suspect that's because it's true.

Cranston was in Dallas on Wednesday for an afternoon discussion to promote his new book at SMU, but he left behind a special gift at Love Field Airport for one curious (and lucky) fan.

Makenna Enfinger said in a tweet that she was killing time looking around in a Hudson News in the airport when she noticed something curious. A copy of Cranston's new book, "A Life in Parts," was sitting on the shelf with a slip of paper hanging out of the cover that said, "Open me!"

Enfinger cracked open the book to find the slip of paper was really a receipt, and there was a hand-written note inside from the six-time Emmy-winning actor.

The note inside the book.

The note reads:

Hi. Hey, thanks for taking a gander at my book. Take this book for yourself FREE! Really. I just bought it - see the receipt. I hope you enjoy the read.

Have a nice day,
Bryan Cranston
Dallas Airport
Oct. 19, 2016
9:45 a.m.

Of course, Enfinger took the unique gift (valued at $29.23, according to the included receipt), and gave it a shot! She followed up with a quick review for Cranston in a later tweet. According to her, you should give it a read yourself.

Enfinger told News 8 that the employees at the Hudson News hadn't recognized Cranston when he bought his own book (despite the cover featuring a giant picture of his face) and no one knew what the actor had done until she stumbled across it, "so it was a surprise to more than just me!"

All in all, a pretty cool move from "the man who knocks!"