Local pastor contracts Malaria while on African mission



Posted on July 16, 2009 at 10:41 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 15 at 3:49 PM

(WHAS11) - A Radcliff, KY pastor is fighting for her life in a Lexington hospital.

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She and her co-pastor husband recently returned from mission work in Uganda, where she contracted Malaria. Now she's on life support.

Her husband says they both took anti-Malaria medicine before they left for Africa. But she may have contracted a strain not covered by the medicine. When she returned to the U.S., she became ill and hit rock bottom.

Pastor Edward Palmer has spent the past 8 days at the University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington; each day and night at his wife, Angie's side.

Palmer said, "God's going to raise her up . . . "

Palmer says he's in constant conversation with God.

Palmer said, "When you look at her you can't help by say, 'Lord help us.' That's probably what I've been doing for last 8 days is crying out to God to help us."

He says she contracted Malaria during a trip to Uganda, Africa. The co-pastors of The Sign of the Dove Church in Radcliff, travel there twice a year to check on the 36 churches and an orphanage they've helped establish.

They returned from their most recent trip on Tuesday, June 30th. That Friday, Edward says his wife began to get ill, and Sunday things got worse. He says two doctors in Hardin County checked Angie out, and sent her home. But that Wednesday, July 8th she was back in the ER-and then sent to UK where doctors diagnosed her with malaria and began treatment.

Palmer said, "I think a couple of days later she was pretty clear from malaria, but unfortunately while the malaria was in her system, it wreaked havoc on her organs; her heart, respiratory system, her liver and kidneys."

Angie was on life support for the past 6 days - days, Edward calls suspenseful and frightening.

He says she's getting better and is almost ready to breathe on her own. And his faith is his support.

Palmer said, "She's displaying a lot more strength than what was predicted. We see the Lord moving on her behalf. We just want to see that progression to continue."

Palmer says her kidneys and liver aren't functioning, but her respiratory system is improving. He hopes in the next few days she'll be off of the breathing machine. And his conversation with God won't stop.

Palmer said, "He cares about every toe on her feet."

Edward says this won't stop them from doing their work in Africa.

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