Project Green: Homerama showcasing new building techniques


Posted on July 20, 2009 at 6:00 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 15 at 1:32 PM

(WHAS11) - At Homearama you can see some dream come true homes and get great remodeling ideas. This year you can see ways to reduce the amount of energy you use.

This year's event features 13 homes, 12 of which are energy star rated and 8 of the 13 have a certification for their 'green" features.

Our Kentucky, green built homes are unique in the fact that it requires an energy star certification as a minimum and then you have to do a lot of other things to meet that green build to have the green aspect come out.

To obtain the green build Kentucky certification, contractors have to meet some very strict guidelines in lot preparation; resource, energy and water conservation and efficiency; and global impact.

"Now you don't have all that transportation cost from around the country and you're not harming the environment at the same time," says Billy Doelker.

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Some appliances are all GE appliances, which are local. So you're buying locally so it doesn't have to travel very far, plus you're putting money back into the local economy.

Not only did they use energy efficient appliances, they also installed compact fluorescent lighting and cabinets made from renewable resources throughout the kitchen.

From an energy efficiency stand point, the heating air system in this house is a variable speed fire two stage heat pump and it is also zoned. This allows the home owner the ability to heat or cool only the room they're in. Saving money, energy and reducing their carbon footprint.

Homearama also features a green replica of the Hughes family home, built by Extreme Home Makeover builder Rocky Pusateri. Rocky believes we will see more builders going green in the future.

"Green is a very broad term and it certainly isn't just a trend it's the way of the future. It's the way things are going to be built," says Rocky.

In the Hughes home, you'll find a solar tube that uses a renewable resource to light a bathroom, the sun. Under normal conditions you would never have to turn on a light as long as it was daylight outside.

The builders are going green inside the homes in Homearama this year, but a big movement is keeping more of the natural green outside.

Homearama continues through Sunday and tickets are $10 dollars.