Teen speaks out after one teen arrested, another hospitalized for taking prescription drugs



Posted on May 4, 2009 at 5:36 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 15 at 1:25 PM

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(WHAS11) - One teen is arrested and another ended up in the hospital after a party involving prescription drug abuse.

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It's the latest incident in what's being called a troubling trend in the Louisville area.

WHAS11 talked with one of the girls at that party in PRP, and a parent who was in the house but didn't know what was going on

Two boys and two girls were hanging out Saturday night at a PRP home when one of the boys offered the girls some of his mother's muscle relaxers which he had taken from her home.

What started as a party, ended up in an arrest and a near-death experience.

The girl, who we'll call "Julie" doesn't want to be identified but she wants you to know what happened to her best friend Saturday night.

Julie and the other teen, who we'll call "Tina", were at a mutual friend's house.

Julie says 18-year-old Brandon Blevins brought over a bottle of his mother's muscle relaxers.

Both girls took a few, hoping to get high, then, Julie says Brandon left the bottle sitting there and Tina took 14 pills out of the bottle.

The girls left and eventually went to another party, where Tina fell unconscious and began having seizures.

"She was cold. She had blood coming out of her mouth. She wasn't responsive to anything. She was hitting her head on the toilet, the concrete," says Julie.

When Julie tried to get help she says, "Nobody would help me. They were sitting there saying, 'that's normal. She'll be o.k.' and I'm like "no. It's not normal."

Tina was eventually taken to St. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital. A doctor told Julie that if they had waited another 10 minutes, Tina would have been dead.

The mother of the boy whose house Tina and Julie were at says she had no idea anyone was abusing drugs that night but she says her son is recovering from prescription drug addiction.

The mother says what happened Saturday is becoming too common.

Julie says her experience has changed the way she thinks about partying with prescription pills.

"That put my life in front of me. I looked into my future like, what if she did die? What would I do?" Says Julie.

Tina, who was hospitalized, is expected to be released Tuesday.

Julie says she is beginning medical treatment for prescription drug abuse.

Brandon Blevins has been charged with three felonies, including unlawful transaction with a minor and theft of a controlled substance.